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Hi! I assume you had a long distance relationship for a bit, how hard was that? I might have to and I don't know if I can.

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Hi! Yes, Matt and I lived about 1800 miles from each other for a year. It’s very hard. But everyone handles it differently, some days are harder than others, some days you’re numb to it, others you’re actually okay with it, knowing you’ll see them soon. It’s definitely hard on a relationship, and if you don’t have a pretty solid friendship mixed in, you’re gonna have a difficult time. Long distance isn’t romantic, it’s difficult, but if you have a friendship with your partner, it’ll work. Just don’t give up when it gets hard, and set aside time as much as you can to talk to them, skype with them, or text them. :)


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Porn Hub VS #pornkillslove

A leading hardcore pornography website is currently running an advertising campaign in an effort to normalize and legitimize viewing pornography. Their ads blatantly target young men as the marketers attempt present pornography as normal, cool, and fun. The reality is that effects of viewing pornography can be damaging, heartbreaking, and even physically humiliating.

We took four of the ads that the porn industry presented and made our own versions to show the world the real life effects of watching porn.

You see, the truth of the matter is that porn is affecting both men and women. Research shows that pornography promotes gender inequality, dehumanizes women, can cause erectile dysfunction in men at a young age, and can lead to a life of isolation and loneliness. Research clearly shows that pornography is addictive, damaging to relationships, and harms society as a whole. 

Porn kills love.

Show your support in this fight by sharing this post! ( world needs to see the truth behind these ads. 

Tweet: Porn industry ADVERTISEMENTS are recreated to reveal the truth behind watching pornography @fightthenewdrug

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Throwin’ pots in @helen_levi’s amazing ceramics studio this morning 🍶

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